Teacher Resources


4-1-14 Training

Sample link to calendar

2-11-14 Training

7th Grade Technology Survey Results


Projector Feedback


Spreadsheet/Graph Survey - Pre


Spreadsheet/Graph Survey - Post



VHS Google Drive and Form Survey 




Pilot Technology Self Assessment

10-1-13 Staff Technology Training (projectors, Google calendars)

Click here for: Projector Feedback

8-28-12 Projector Training

Remote control notes:  Projector_remote_basics.pdf

Tutorial from Atomic Learning

5-24-13 Paperless Classroom with Google 

Click here for how to manage folders, sharing, turning in work via Google docs.

5-9-13 Technology Training Resources: Chromebooks, Google forms

We used the Chromebooks and got familiar with trackpad and interface.

We discussed ways to use Google presentation as a tool for teachers to share unit directions/requirements (Stephanie) as well as how to gather images from the web (Julie).

Here is an example of a Google form we used in training:

Chromebook Formative Assessment

Other ways to use Google forms (Carrie):

Innovative ways to use Google forms in the classroom

80 ways to use Google forms in the classroom

Overview of Google forms and how to create self grading quizzes

Google form inbox for gathering Google docs assignments

Other resources:

Tom Barrett Edublog

Skyward and Google tutorials

Skyward: Emailing class or classes

Skyward: Emailing progress reports

Google docs: create and share it

Google docs: create a survey and post on teacherweb

Gmail creating labels to organize email

Gmail searching messages

Learnfree.org http://www.gcflearnfree.org/googledocuments

Searching the web resources

Searchable databases that Google won't search:


The Awesome Library

Librarian's Internet Index

Chooses the best (encyclopedia, audio, video, search engine, database, etc.)


Search Strategies

Refining searches: lower the number of hits

Use more than 1 word Use quotation marks for 2 words or more

Minus sign to exclude certain words Plus sign to include certain words

Use synonyms

Click preferences on the Google homepage to change the language of the results

Use Google's special features

Calculator Exchange rate



Phone #’s


Soople: resource if you forget the syntax

News Resources Topix Rocketnews

Search these social bookmarking sites!



Trackstar: free teacher resource - awesome resource for lessons, just do a keyword search

Esnips: free online storage space as well

Google Earth - download for FREE! http://earth.google.com/

Got an error page not found message or want to see what a website looked like 10 years ago? Use archive.org Archive.org

Here's the latest academic websites: http://scout.wisc.edu/index.php

Try these "clustering" search engine websites: Killerinfo.com 

Here are some links teachers might find useful:

Learning Mel Levine's All Kinds of Minds website (nonprofit for struggling learners)

Technology Google for Educators

Science Live Science

All subjects Educational video clips that cover many subjects

Technology Accessibility

Assistive technology products

More assistive technology products

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