Digital Video Elective


A photo of my grandfather's 16 mm movie camera from 1949. It still works!

3D printer - how things work video

Feb. 3-7 Weekly Update:

The semester ended, so check back again next year. Semester 1 students: we are almost done creating your DVD's and they will be delivered to you soon.

Youtube or internet short film recommendations - Click here

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Course Outline (subject to change)

Thank you

This class would not be possible without the generous donation of the Foege family that allowed for the purchase of the cameras, tripods, microphones, external hard drives and software. Thank you!

Thank you PIE!

Partners in Education has generously donated funds for a green screen and lighting for the digital video class. This equipment allows students to superimpose themselves on an image or video from another location. Students can give the impression that they're located in a jungle, flying through the sky or any other creative location or idea they come up with. The students also gain a betting understanding of how green screens are used in cinema and lighting techniques.

Possible sounds (remember sounds need to be copyright free).
Free Music Archive (most music is ok to use, but sound effects are not free) (more than sounds, film clips, storyboards, special effects, etc.)


Final Projects


Stop Motion 2013-14


Tutorials 2013-14


Lost Theme 2013-14



Mystery Me 2013-14




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