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Skagit Valley Tulips and hiking at Mt. Rainier














I grew up in Skagit Valley on a dairy farm. We raised Holsteins (the black and white ones!) and milked about 300 cows. I enjoyed feeding the calves, driving tractors and helping with all the other chores. Believe it or not teaching is easier than dairy farming. Cows need to be milked 365 days a year and they will let you know by making a lot of noise at milking time. I went to Burlington-Edison High School from 1982-1986. I was involved in clubs, student government, volleyball, basketball, softball and little bit of track. I received my BA degree in Physical Education at the University of Puget Sound in 1990. I played fastpitch softball at U.P.S. and enjoyed the small school and liberal arts setting. I started teaching on Vashon in 1992. Back then I taught fourth, fifth and sixth graders P.E. in the old gym at Vashon Elementary. When Chautauqua opened in 1995 I taught P.E. there as well. While teaching, I received my Masters in Education with a focus on technology from Lesley College. During the 1990-2000 school year I took a year leave of absence from teaching to travel and explore life. In the Fall of 2000 I started teaching technology at McMurray Middle School.
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