6th Grade Computers

6th Grade Computers

Ms. Power kayaking/camping at Blake Island.


HTML - Code to make a website


Code Monster


Password strength test


Typing Speed


Cutluregrams - information on countries


Sketchup tutorials


Jan. 21-24  Weekly Update

This semester has ended - I've enjoyed having you in class!

Current Assignments


Old Assignments

NXT Robot Assignmnet #3 (light sensor)

HTML Basics

NXT Robot Assignment #1 (basics)

NXT Robot Assignment #2 (ultrasonic sensor)

Graphing Assignment

Website Validity

Brochure Project

Sketchup House Drawing

Internet Safety

Virtual Trip

Search Engine Assignment

Internet Scavenger Hunt

All About Me Assignment

Formatting Assignment


Website for typing - Typingweb


Class Expectations

McMurray Computers 6th Grade Course Outline, semester 1
• Dates and projects are approximate and subject to change
• Keyboarding will be practiced throughout the semester
• Photo editing will be incorporated into various projects

Week 1
Internet use form
Routine, rules, monitors off
Course expectations, log on procedures, index cards
Habits of mind
Student survey, basic vocabulary
Desktop navigation, personalize desktop
Creating folders/saving work
Google Documents
Begin word processing project

Week 2
Introduction to library computers
Chrome basics
Continue word processing project
Google Drive/calendar
Skyward (Family Access)

Week 3
Search tips project
Internet scavenger hunt

Week 4
Internet word search
Search tip presentations
Introduction to the Internet
History, Vocabulary, how it works, Netiquette
Search basics
How to search using a keyword or phrase
Anatomy of URL (com, edu, gov, org, etc.)
Compare search results

Week 5
Virtual trip assignment
Keep a budget in a spreadsheet
Google Earth
Have multiple applications open simultaneously
Itinerary/Daily journal of trip activities

Week 6
Continue virtual trip assignment
Virtual trip assignment due
Copyright lesson
Citing sources
Explore kcls.org
Evaluating websites lesson
Evaluating websites handout

Week 7
Internet safety
Begin brochure project

Week 8
Brochure project

Week 9
Print brochures
PowerPoint/multimedia projects

Week 10
Continue PowerPoint/multimedia projects - Integrate into other classes if possible

Week 11
Continue PowerPoint/multimedia project
Photo editing

Week 12
Continue PowerPoint/multimedia project
PowerPoint/multimedia due

Week 13
PowerPoint/multimedia presentations
Evaluate raw data using spreadsheet

Week 14
Insert formulas in spreadsheet
Create graphs

Week 15
Excel project due
Begin robotics/programming

Week 16
Continue robotics/programming

Week 17
HTML/web page basics

Week 18
Create HTML/web page


Virtual trip resources

Travel sites Kayak Expedia Orbitz

Currency Converter http://www.xe.com/ucc/


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