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We are running Windows 7 and have a couple of Apple computers available as well. 6th graders will have computers during the 1st semester and 7th graders during the second semester. Feel free to browse the links to the left and get more information.

Homework: Generally, students will not have homework in this class, but if students are absent they may need to do some makeup work. The computer lab is open after school from 2:45-3:15 on Tuesday and Thursdays. If these times don't work for you see Ms. Power to make other arrangements.

My e-mail address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you need to contact me.



Origami folding video


HTML resources
w3 schools
Lissa Explains

Image resources for HTML - remember to credit your sources!
Free stock photos
Image after
Free Photos SE
Training Reference
WP clipart

Citing Sources
Citation machine

Sound resources: (remember to cite your source)
Amazing sounds


Google Earth Trip - Watch the video below on how to make placemarks:

King County Library

Metric Converter Metric Conversions

Computer History Museum

Want to see what websites looked like a long time ago???

Citation Machine (link for citing sources)




Transferring files from home to school If you are using e-mail, USB drives, or other devices to transfer files from home to school there are sometimes compatability issues with various programs and versions. Take a look at this link  transferring documents successfully


Reading Buddies

Computer classes read and create stories for Chautauqua students. First, the 7th grade computer classes read samples of children’s literature and discuss the components (setting, characters, conflict, etc.) and types of stories (rhyming, legend, humor, etc.). Then, they are partnered with a primary student (usually 1st grade) and we go to CES and read regular books with our reading buddies. Next, McMurray students create an original interactive children’s story with PowerPoint. They learn some advanced skills such as importing recorded sound effects and creating their own animation. Finally, the primary classes are invited to McMurray to read the stories on the computer with their reading buddy. This has been a very successful project in generating enthusiasm for reading and writing, learning from cross-age peers, and establishing relationships between CES and McMurray students.



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Thank you PIE

Thank you P.I.E. (Partners in Education)! PIE has generously funded NXT Lego robot kits. Students will now have opportunities to use the robots and program them to do various tasks using the newest systems. Year after year the PIE board funds multiple projects that directly impact students and allow for unique learning opportunities for our classes. Students will learn about teamwork, mechanics, programming, logic, and hands on problem solving. Thank you to the Vashon community and the PIE board for their ongoing generosity to support innovate projects that would not be possible within our regular budget limitations.

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