World History B 2/25 and 2/26

{summary} In attempting to get back on track here is what we have done Monday and Tuesday: ♦Fourth and Fifth periods had their Socratic Seminars on the Howard Zinn reading on Monday. For any students who were not able to attend their scheduled seminar we will have the make up seminar next Tuesday (March 4) at lunch. This allows for students attending state to make up the assignment as well if need be. ♦We introduced the Industrial revolution with these lecture notes: Industrial_Revolution_Introduction_Notes.doc ♦ Students received a reading entitled "Industrial Spirit" and a worksheet that goes with it. The reading should be read. You need not read it interactively, but you must answer all questions that go with it on the worksheet. This is due on Wednesday. Students had some time in class on Tuesday to work on this. Here is the worksheet: The_Industrial_Spirit_Worksheet.doc
02/26 at 01:35 PM
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