AP Gov 5/24/12

{summary} Today's film that ties into 1984 is the Second Part of Century of the Self: Engineering Consent. We watched the first 39 minutes of the film, up through the section on the US-backed overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala. You will need to watch the rest of the film tonight, take notes on that section as well, and then write your response. Make sure you are on Part II. Remember, you also have the next seminar tomorrow. I'll try to stay awake around 7:00 pm. tonight so as not to delay the posting this time. Tough to be 52. Argh! Having major problems with my laptop tonight. Sorry for the delay. Here are the seminar discussion agendas: 2nd period: 1984_seminar_2_per_5_25.doc 3rd period: 1984_Sem_3_per_5_25.doc Sorry for the delay.