AP Gov 3/2/12

{summary} Sorry about my miscommunication yesterday. Cards and the finished packet are due Monday. Yikes! Also, here is the handout from Thursday: States_v_Federalist_Perspectives_Federalism_07.doc Today we saw Frontline: The Storm, a film illustrating the problems associated with federalism. Students took notes. Make sure you watch it if you missed class. Assignment: Yes, by Monday your cards and packet should be finished. Here's the test review. You do not need to complete it for points, but it is a good idea to go through it carefully to prepare for the exam. I'm leaning towards having a written response on it, one which you'd have to use court cases to illustrate your point, so be prepared for that. Federalism_Test_Review_3_4_12doc.doc (Oops..forgot to add a question or two on The Storm. Figure on having one.)