AP Gov 1/26/12 and 1/27/12

{summary} On Thursday students watched Obama's State of the Union Address, taking notes. Students watched for what he said and what he was really saying. Available at: State of the Union Address Today students received a Jimmy Carter packet to prepare for Tuesday's speech. This packet is to be read interactively by Tuesday for a Socratic Seminar. For those of you not here, here are links to the contents: ♦Jimmy Carter's Post-PresidencyCarter's Greatest Legacy: The Camp David NegotiationsThe Iranian Hostage CrisisThe Malaise SpeechInterview with Former President Jimmy Carter I will post a discussion agenda later this weekend (say Sunday afternoon or evening). Migraine all weekend--agenda I'll give you tomorrow hopefully. We then watched Part I of the PBS Jimmy Carter film, from The American Experience. This is not on line, so if you missed class, I'll lend you the film next week to make up.