You Are In: Women in American History

Women in Am History 6/12/09

{summary} Small class today. Students received a copy of the film journal grade sheet, which details the criteria for your film journal. Film journals are due Tuesday at the beginning of class. Because you will need them for the final Socratic Seminar on Friday, you will need to pick them up on Wednesday to prepare for the final. I'll have them graded and ready for you on Wednesday. Here is a copy of the gradesheet: Women_in_American_History_Film_Journal_Grade_Sheet.doc Also, don't forget to get your permission slips signed for Monday's last film North Country. You must have your parent's permission to see this film. Here are some links for them if they have not seen the film: North_Country_Permission_Form.doc North Country Film Website Review in the New Yorker Review from the Atlanta Constitution

Women in Am History 6/10/2009

{summary} Last day for seniors. Farewell. We wish you well. Today non-seniors received a reading on sexual harassment. We then watched the film "Public Hearing, Private Pain" a documentary on the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill's allegations of sexual harassment. This film digs deep into the struggles between race and gender allegiances and the controversies Justice Thomas' appointment to the Supreme Court sparked. This is a film journal entry for non-seniors. I cannot access this online for it is from 1991.

Women in Am History 6/9/09

{summary} Today we are starting the film Salt of the Earth Students first received a copy of this handout: Salt_of_the_Earth.doc This film will be the seniors' last entry in their film journals. Film journals will be due Thursday for seniors, and on that day we will have a Socratic Seminar on this film.

Women in Am History 6/8/09

{summary} Today we went through the history of reproductive rights. Here are the slides: Womens_History_Reproductive_Rights.pdf. I will stamp your packets tomorrow.

Women in Am History 6/5/09

{summary} Friday film day! Today we continued our topic of the Second Wave of Feminism with the film Sisters of '77. This is a film journal entry. Speaking of film journals, I passed out for the seniors a copy of the criteria for the film journals. Women_in_American_History_Film_Journal_Grade_Sheet.docSeniors should start working on these. Other students will have longer and a few more films to include, and I'll hand out a more comprehensive list for you later next week.

Women in Am History 5/28/09

{summary} Today we followed up suffrage with a few pictures and cartoons from the era. Here are some slides. Suffrage_Politics,_Pictures_and_Cartoons.pdf Remember, tomorrow is a Socratic Seminar on pp. 39-45 in your suffrage packet. Make sure it is interactively read. Also: Iron Jawed Angels is online, just chopped up in 10 minute segments. (Thanks Sarah!) There may be a bit of overlap between links 5 and 6, but hopefully all will work and you can hear sound in all. Here are the links to watch it: Iron Jawed Angels 1 Iron Jawed Angels 2 Iron Jawed Angels 3 Iron Jawed Angels 4 Iron Jawed Angels 5 Iron Jawed Angels 6 (has watermark) Iron Jawed Angels 7 (has watermark) Iron Jawed Angels 8 (has watermark) Iron Jawed Angels 9 (has watermark) Iron Jawed Angels 11 (has watermark) Iron Jawed Angels 11 Iron Jawed Angels 12 Iron Jawed Angels 13 (Final Part of Film)

Women in Am History 5/27/09

{summary} Today we finished the last few minutes of Iron Jawed Angels. This is available at Netflix and Movie Magic, so if you had senioritis, that's your way to make it up. Students received the test review for Monday's test on Suffrage history and the Victorian notion of womanhood: Test Review June 1. The questions and vocabulary must be answered on paper and turned in on the day of the test for points. That way you will be well-prepared for the test. Assignment: Finish reading the suffrage packet. Interactively read pages 39-45. We will have a Socratic Seminar on these pages on Friday.

Women in Am History 5/26/09

{summary} We didn't quite finish Iron Jawed Angels, so no Moodle yet on the film. We'll finish the very end of it tomorrow.
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