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Course Descriptions, Toolboxes, and Family and Student Access of Grades


Course Descriptions for 2011/12 Government Courses: AP Gov Course_Des_2011_12.pdf (For AP Government Students--Second & Third Periods) Gov_AB_Course_Des_2011_12.pdf (For Regular Government Students--Fourth & Fifth Periods)

Classroom Policies--Understanding and Agreement Signature Form: AP_Policy_Sign_Sheet_2011_12.pdf (Understanding and Agreement Signature Form for AP Gov) Gov_AB_Policy_Sign_Sheet_2011_12.pdf (Understanding and Agreement Signature Form for Gov A/B) Students and Parents need to read, initial, and sign these forms signifying understanding of class policies. These are due Friday, Sept. 2 for all students.

Toolboxes for 2011/12 Government Courses: All students receive one (1) copy of the toolbox. This is to be kept in a three-ring binder for the entire year. If a student loses his/her copy of the toolbox this pdf copy is available for print at home at the student's own expense. I will not supply students multiple copies of this large packet. Make sure you know where your Toolbox is from trimester to trimester. AP_Toolbox_2011_12.pdf Gov_AB_Toolbox_2011_12.pdf

AP Government and Politics: Topics at College Board Explanation of AP Government Exam Sample Questions and Scoring Guides

Family Grade Access: Skyward Student and Family Login Site

Please keep in mind the following: ♦ Grades posted are only snapshots of work and will likely change as new assignments are added.

♦ Assignments that have been handed in and are in the process of being graded are not yet posted. Once all papers in that assignment are graded I will post those grades in that assignment.
♦ There are three grading categories in my classes: Analysis (35%), Content Knowledge (35%), and Process/Participation (30%). Some categories like process and participation have many points while other categories like analysis have fewer points. It is the overall percentage of that category that is averaged with the other categories and weighted accordingly. This can be confusing at first, especially for people who haven't been staring at grade books for twenty-six years. (The description of what types of assignments go into each category is described in the course descriptions linked above.)
♦ Early in the trimester, adding in a test or major assignment in the analysis category will dramatically change a grade. Be prepared for this change.
♦ Students must turn in work on time. If the student was here when it was assigned and here when it was turned in but did not turn in the assignment, you will see a "0" for that assignment. The only exception for that is if the student chose to use his or her one free late.
♦ A final participation grade is added in at the end of the trimester and will not show up in the grades until then. A copy of a participation grade sheet is in the student toolbox for each class. You can find it on page 41.
Finally, grading written work takes a lot of time. Often I have to decide between working on a good lesson plan for the next day and grading papers. That decision usually weighs toward the lesson plan. Be patient on written work. I want students to be better writers and thinkers. That means I have to read papers carefully. Thanks.

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