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Study Help

{summary} Thanks Shane for this tip! You'll find all kinds of study help here--flash cards, matching exercises, you name it. Do use it with a bit of caution. Some of the materials have been created by students it appears. But great resource overall!

2010 Midterm Election Stuff

{summary} Helpful Links: Washington Secretary of State's Office--Latest Voter Tabulation Politico's 2010 Link This has a great link to Washington State candidates. I have noticed, though, that the link to the ballot issues does not work. Go down to Ballotpedia to read about the initiatives and referenda in Washington State. USA Today Interactive Map of 2010 Midterm Races Interactive Map of House Races from New York Times Congressional Quarterly Members in Transition List This link shows why Senate and House seats have opened up (retirement, death, moved to new positions like Obama and Biden to the Presidency and Vice Presidency, etc.). Interactive Map of Senate Races from New York Times Realclearpolitics2010page Ballotpedia--Washington State2010 Only 'likely' thing about likely voters is trouble finding them NPR Report Likely Voter Gap Favors GOP by 6 Points, Gallup's Model Sees it Bigger October 6 Report Ideology: Do the Polls Match America? This is an excellent piece from conservative pollster Kristen Soltis. It looks at how stable public opinion has been over the past two decades and questions some assumptions about the polls we've seen in this 2010 race.

Political News Sources

{summary} This is just a beginning list. I'll add more when I have time. Keep in mind that for the most part these are members of corporate press. Liberal News: Countdown with Keith Olbermann On MSNBC for those of you with extended cable. His "special comments" are some of the best truth to power commentary you'll hear. But he does comment from a liberal point of view. The You'll find William Greider's writing here among others. The New Republic The American Mother Common Collection of liberal or progressive writers' articles and essays. The Guardian This is a British paper, but a liberal and non-US voice on US politics. Conservative News: FOX News Sundays with Chris Wallace Clips available online from his Sunday show. O'Reilly Factor Bill O'Reilly calls it the "no spin zone," but you'll have to watch it after studying media and critical thinking to decided what you think about spin. Wall Street Journal A conservative beacon; it's now part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, so it's under more scrutiny than it once was. The National Review Online Washington Times Not to be confused with the Washington Post. The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol is the brain behind this publication. More Politically Centered: New York Times Conservatives say it's liberal; liberals say it led us to war in Iraq. It's still the newspaper of record in America. Washington Post For American politics, it's a must read. The Los Angeles Times Usually takes a bit more liberal perspective. Time Magazine Online Northwest: Seattle Times Seattle PI Tacoma News Tribune

Media Literacy and News Bias

{summary} Media and News Bias: News Bias Explored. To follow up what your news analysis packet says about how to detect news bias, this site is excellent, and from the University of Michigan. You'll find good information on this site on bias through omission, word choice, limiting debate, framing the issue, and bias through sourcing. Media_Political_Bias_from_Rhetorica.doc This source provides some fresh ideas on the types of news bias you'll encounter and is from Does TV Have a Liberal Bias? This is an interesting piece with some good links from Definition of incestuous amplification effect This source quotes Jane's Defense Weekly that defines incestuous amplification as "A condition in warfare where one only listens to those who are already in lock-step agreement, reinforcing set beliefs and creating a situation ripe for miscalculation." Applied to news sources, what might be the ramifications to sectors of the American public who listen only to opinion-laden sources or "spin news"? How are spin-news sources changing the American electorate? Media Consolidation: And then there were 8 This PDF'd chart shows how media companies have become more and more consolidated over the past 15 years. Stop Big Media Lit Sites: Action Coalition for Media Education There are a couple good videos on this site, especially a student-created one that speaks some truth to media power. Media and Politics: Media Politics: A Citizen's Guide This PDF Guide has embedded video and is from Stanford. Columbia School of Journalism Campaign Desk Here you will find analysis of media coverage of the 2008 campaign. Media Watchdogs FAIR's "What's Wrong with the News" This is a more liberal media watch dog. Media Research Center This is a conservative media watch dog Media Matters Liberal media watch dog. Especially critical of Glen Beck. Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania This site is a good source for real research and data. The page has a search engine that will enable you to look for a variety of reports on issue ads, news bias, and other media concerns. Columbia Journalism Review. This site is professional and exhibits responsible reporting and analysis of news media. This site has well-researched and balanced reports. The site also has a search engine to help you find information pertaining to media. Media Alliance. This is a more liberal site, but it has an interesting article on Pentagon information during war. Media Organizations. This is a good one-stop shopping source for media watchdogs and organizations. Center for Media and Public Affairs Big This is actually a blog out of the Rocky Mountains that challenges media bias when it sees it. (Upon posting this, he was taking on Clear Channel and Rush Limbaugh--big fish!) Obviously he is critical of conservative bias. Consider Journalism Ethics Thought-provoking Films on Media Available Online: Control Room A documentary exploring the way Arab news (Al-Jazeera) is covering the Iraq War. War is Sell A documentary by Brian Standing on selling the Iraq War. Orwell Rolls in His Grave This documentary argues that the American media system is nothing more than a tool of corporations. Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky's classic book Manufacturing Consent was brought to cinema in this documentary about Chomsky and his core thesis--that corporate media and government work hand in hand to advance a propaganda agenda useful to advancing government interests. Outfoxed This documentary, dubbed from a Dutch source so the first few minutes are in Dutch, is highly critical of Rupert Murdoch and FOX News.

The American Presidency

{summary} Grolier's Encyclopedia of American Studies 'The Presidency' The American Presidency Project This site is from UC Santa Barbara and includes media archives as well as documents. It can link you to over 78,000 documents. Presidential Papers Various Presidential Papers available through this website with a search engine. Miller Center of Public Affairs--The American President This is an online reference site vetted by presidential scholars. CNN's Background on Clinton's Impeachment Of special interest on this link is the Starr Report, the Chronology of Events, and the Cast of Characters.


{summary} Blogs are a fun way to keep up on political events by reading a combination of analysis and opinion from the political perspective of your choice. Keep in mind that they are written by a variety of people, some more informed than others. You'll eventually find a few that you find reliable enough with the type of writing style that suits you. Here are some I've divided up by political perspective. I've tested out the ones from the left; I can't say I read the ones from the right. If you have some you think should be on the list, send me a link. Obviously what is written in these blogs are not necessarily opinions of the school district, its board of directors, administrators, employees, nor the third cousins of any of the afore mentioned. Always balance your blogs with some more balanced news--even when you wholeheartedly agree with what the writers say. Blogging from the left: Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall This blog is a favorite of mine and continually links me to good information and sources referenced in entries. Its sub-blog "TPMuckraker" has won a Polk, which isn't too shabby. Daily Kos by Markos Moulitsas Markos is "Kos" but there are many contributing writers. Crooks and Liars by John Amato Lots of Daily Show clips embedded in this blog. Firedoglake This blog links to a number of liberal or progressive and activist blogs. You'll find Jane Hamsher, Laura Flanders, and David Neiwert on this Blog among other links to sites like Blue America. The Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington Although Arianna Huffington is the cofounder of this news and blog site, there are many writers that show up here. You'll here this site referred to on television often. The Political Animal at Steven Benen, who used to write a blog called the Carpetbagger report, writes this blog. Glenn Greenwald at Salon Glenn Greenwald is a deep thinker and will criticize both the political left and right. He is especially critical of the Obama Administration's torture policy. Always an interesting read with links to his supportive evidence. Blogging from the right: If you're somebody that thinks all Republicans are like FOX News pundits, think again. David Frum is thoughtful, wise, and always brings into his commentaries something new for me to consider. A good read. Drudge Report by Matt Drudge This blog is known for breaking the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton Affair story, which the networks followed. It's a conservative must-read. Hugh Hewitt This is a blog associated with, and Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt is the host of a daily nationally-syndicated talk radio show heard in more than 100 cities across the country. Red State This blog is written by Ben Domenech, Mike Krempasky, and Josh Trevino. This conservative "blog/news site" is sort of a blog, sort of a news site. It doesn't seem to allow you to respond in an interactive way like usual blogs, but it will give you a conservative spin on politics. Dick Morris is prominently featured as a writer. Rightwing Nation There are lots of link on this blog. If you're conservative, you're sure to enjoy this. The Daily Conservative This is a blog written by a young conservative. The Dish by Andrew Sullivan Sullivan is no FOX talking-point conservative. He's thoughtful and always gives me a new perspective. If you're liberal, you should read this guy for some balance. If you're conservative, you should really read this guy for some balance. Reason.comThis is a libertarian blog. Has some interesting entries. Thanks Sam. Blogging on international events and politics: Juan Cole's Informed Comment Cole is a Middle Eastern Scholar from the University of Michigan and gives indepth coverage of the intricacies of geopolitics in the Middle East. Postglobal Fareed Zakaria and David Ignatius write this blog, both seasoned commentators on international politics and affairs. War and Piece by Laura Rozen Rosen is a national security correspondent for Mother Jones, which means she comes from a liberal perspective, but her insights come from experience in Central Asia and Washington, D.C. Blogging from a feminist perspective: Media Girl Womens E News This site has more than just blogging, but a rich source of news about women's issues both nationally and internationally. The editor and founder, Rita Henley Jensen, has an impressive resume including a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia School of Journalism. The site claims numerous awards. You'll find good articles on Muslim women's issues on this site. Feministe Prepare yourself for some "tude" when reading this blog. Another blog with "tude" galore. Buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride. Alternatives to the Feminist Perspective: Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum Schlafly is the Grand Dame of "backlash." Ann Coulter (Okay, you'd be right in saying I'm grasping here. I need balance. Send me some good, solid, anti-feminist perspectives and I'll post them here. I'm not sure this balances the feminist links above, but it's an attempt.

Political Perspective Surveys for You to Take

{summary} World's Smallest Political Quiz (Don't be surprised if you turn out to be a Libertarian on this one!) Political Compass This one is from Britain and is more liberal than some of the others. Political Philosophy Quiz Quiz Political Brew Quiz (Unfortunately beer is used as a metaphor for this.) Typology Test Morality-based Political Test This one has an interesting twist. "The Most Comprehensive Political Quiz" (See what you think...measures opinion as well as intensity.) Democrat and Republican Loyalty Tests--for fun only (When you are finished--have a laugh with these--equal opportunity bashing.)


{summary} Congressional Glossaries: Capitol Net Glossary Congressional Glossary at Library of Congress Senate Glossary NP Action Glossary on Legislative Process Open Lobbying Glossary Constitution Glossaries: US A place to start, but not very comprehensive. Constitution Ben's Guide Glossary Pretty basic and veers from the Constitution. Center for Constitutional Rights Glossary Most comprehensive of this list--a good place to get definitions of things like FISA as well. Glossary from the University of Texas at Austin This Glossary Although the source is a bit dubious, the definitions seem right on. Election/Campaign Glossaries: PBS Election Glossary US Government Information Office Glossary on Election 2004 A very simple to understand glossary from Enchanted Learning.Com Another easy-to-understand glossary from the Weekly Reader US Election Slang from UK Times PBS So You Want to Buy a President Glossary This has a short list of campaign finance terms well defined. Campaign Finance Glossary Simply click on the term and the definition will pop up. This is a non-partisan site; one you can trust. Executive Branch/Presidency Glossaries: Executive Branch Glossary from the University of Texas at Austin ABLongman Presidency Chapter Glossary Federal Court Glossaries/Judiciary: US Courts Commonly Used Terms This is very comprehensive and may be browsed by an alphabetical link system. This is also extensive. You'll need to use the alphabetical links to get to the word you need. First Amendment Glossary This glossary is relevant to US Supreme Court cases dealing with the First Amendment.
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