You Are In: Gov A Winter Tri

Gov A Family Tree Assignment Handed Out Today

{summary} Here are the links you'll need for this assignment: Evaluating_Evaluating_Tools.doc To do this assignment, students will need to take political surveys (and print the results of each out) at the following weblinks: ⇒Advocates for Self Government QuizSelect Smart QuizPew Research Center QuizPolitical CompassGotoPolitical Spectrum Quiz Again...don't forget to print out your results for each of these---one stamp for each. These are due tomorrow. Students also received the Family Tree Assignment: Family_Tree_Memo_1_30_12.doc Family_Tree_Assignment_1_30_12.doc The Surveys are due tomorrow. The family interviews are due Wednesday.

Gov A 1/26/12 and 1/27/12

{summary} On Thursday students watched the President's State of the Union Address. Obama's State of the Union Address Students watched it and took notes on what he said and what he was really saying. Assignment for Thursday night: Read to page 13 in your packet (interactively). Students got two stamps at the beginning of the period--one for the speech notes and one for the interactive reading to page 13. Today students got back their exams and we went over them with students getting the correct answers. Please don't wazz about your midterm grades. These are just snap shots, and because we didn't have that week lost to snow, we didn't get an analysis assignment in that would have mitigated your grades some. We'll do an analysis assignment this next week, and you'll see your grades change dramatically. We talked about the political spectrum some at the end of the period, especially in terms of balancing liberty v. equality. Here are the slides: Political_Spectra_1_27_12.pdf

Gov A 1/24/12

{summary} Test today. Hope you did well. Tomorrow we start a new union on political perspectives.

Gov A 1/23/12

{summary} Review today. We also looked at a couple clips in that review: Daisy Ad--1964 Democratic Attack Ad Against Barry Goldwater Democratic Commercial--Ice Cream 1964 follow up to Daisy Ad Here are some slides we used to go over concepts on question # 35 on test review: FCC,_etc._slides_from_today_.pdf Test tomorrow. Make sure to have your test review done for 47 participation points! Study your buns off!

Gov A 1/17/12

{summary} Snow days rock. Today students received their test review for the Media/Critical Thinking Exam. Gov_A_Media_Exam_Test_Review_1_2012.doc This test review needs to be completed for 47 participation points and turned in the day of the exam. When is the exam? That depends on the weather. If we have school on Thursday, the exam will be on Friday. If we don't have school on Thursday, and have school on Friday, we'll have the test on Monday. I always have a review day with students prior to an exam. Make sure to work on this test review and have as many of the questions done as possible prior to the review day.

Gov A 1/12/12

{summary} Another good job on Socratic Seminar today. We'll see a film tomorrow that brings together some of the things we've discussed. See you then.

Gov A 1/11/12

{summary} Nice job today. Remember, tomorrow you'll have another Socratic Seminar on those last readings in your packet. Don't forget to have all of them interactively read for your ticket to talk.

Gov A 1/10/12

{summary} Socratic Seminar tomorrow on this reading. Here is a colored copy, pdf form so you can see the maps and charts better: Citizens Guide Here's the agenda for tomorrowt: Media_Citizens_Guide_Socratic_Seminar_1_11_12.doc Remember, your ticket to talk in this Socratic Seminar is to have the entire reading (Citizens Guide section only) interactively read. We will also have a Socratic Seminar on Thursday on the rest of the packet.
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