2010 Midterm Election Stuff

{summary} Helpful Links: Washington Secretary of State's Office--Latest Voter Tabulation Politico's 2010 Link Mytimetovote.com This has a great link to Washington State candidates. I have noticed, though, that the link to the ballot issues does not work. Go down to Ballotpedia to read about the initiatives and referenda in Washington State. USA Today Interactive Map of 2010 Midterm Races Interactive Map of House Races from New York Times Congressional Quarterly Members in Transition List This link shows why Senate and House seats have opened up (retirement, death, moved to new positions like Obama and Biden to the Presidency and Vice Presidency, etc.). Interactive Map of Senate Races from New York Times Realclearpolitics2010page Ballotpedia--Washington State2010 Only 'likely' thing about likely voters is trouble finding them NPR Report Likely Voter Gap Favors GOP by 6 Points, Gallup's Model Sees it Bigger October 6 Report Ideology: Do the Polls Match America? This is an excellent piece from conservative pollster Kristen Soltis. It looks at how stable public opinion has been over the past two decades and questions some assumptions about the polls we've seen in this 2010 race.