WH 4/21/10

{summary} Students received a stamp for their vocabulary today at the beginning. We then talked about the Treaty of Versailles using these slides: WH_Treaty_of_Versailles.pdf. At the end of the slides is a short film clip and may be viewed at this link: Treaty of Versailles. Assignment: Tomorrow you are to have the questions you received yesterday answered. Students also received a large packet. Have the first page and top of the second page read interactively (Wilson's 14 Points). Here is a copy of that page. The_Armistice_and_Fourteen_Points.doc You can get a copy of the entire packet tomorrow in class.

WH 4/20/10

{summary} Today we continued our discussion of the Russian Revolution. Here are the notes from that:WH_Russian_Rev_II.pdf We also watched the third part of yesterday's film series on the Russian Revolution. Here is that clip: Russian Revolution Part III Assignment: Students are to finish their vocabulary terms from the big reading packet (you already have these). These are due tomorrow. Students also received questions from the big reading packet: WWI_Reading_Questions.doc. These are due Thursday.

WH 4/19/10

{summary} Today we started the period by having students turn in their Paths of Glory assignments. I then gave two stamps for your big reading packet. We then started talking about the Russian Revolution using these notes: WH_Russian_Rev_I.pdf. We also used these two film links to augment that discussion: Russian Revolution Part I Russian Revolution Part II If you missed class, make sure to watch these and take notes. They take a bit long to load, so don't give up. Assignment: Remember, tomorrow is when you have to have your turning point topic chosen. Make sure to have a couple of them in case somebody else wants the same one you do. Also, if you missed Thursday or Friday you may rent Paths of Glory at Movie Magic or from Netflix.

WH 4/14/10

{summary} Today students participated in the WWI Diplomatic Simulation, taking the part of a diplomat from one of the following nations: Britain, France, Germany, Russia, or Austria-Hungary. I, of course, got to play Serbia. Students started by writing and delivering a statement of principles and goals for their nation. They then received a secret cable from their government and commenced negotiating with the other nations to prevent the impending war. Students earned 25 participation points for this simulation. They needed to be fully engaged at all times and work with their group to write the statement of principles, and then in the second part, participate in the work of coming up with ideas for negotiations and actually negotiating. If you missed the day, come see me Monday for a written assignment to make this up. Assignment: Students are to finish reading the big WWI reading packet by Monday. This should be done interactively. This will be for several more stamps, so do a good job.

WH 4/13/10

{summary} Today we did the preliminary steps for tomorrow's simulation on diplomats preventing (or not preventing) WWI. We reviewed Austria-Hungary's 10-point ultimatum and Serbia's response in class. Interactively read this again tonight. The_Austrian_Ultimatum_to_Serbia_and_the_Serbian_Reply.doc. I also gave a short overview of each country's issues and goals to the class. You'll get individual detailed copies of your country tomorrow. Keep in mind what you heard about what each country wants, what other countries think of it, and its overall historical context. This will help you negotiate tomorrow. Students were divided into groups: Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. If you were gone, just check with me at the beginning of class tomorrow as to what country you were assigned.

WH 4/12/10 Welcome Back!

{summary} Today we worked to put into sequence the snowballing events leading to WWI. Here is the worksheet we used in class: Road_to_War_Worksheet.doc Students worked together at their tables to find the answers/causes/effects on this worksheet. If you want a list of events to check your work, here is a list: Order_of_events Assignment: Review page 629, "You have the bear the responsibility for war or peace." Tomorrow we will be do a diplomatic simulation about the decisions leading to WWI and what you'd do if you had the chance to end it. We'll see if you'd fare any better than these historical fools. If you want to get a jump on Wednesday's reading, read interactively to page 646.

WHB 4/2/10 Happy Spring Break!

{summary} Today we covered more about the steps leading to WWI. Here are the notes from today: WHB_Causes_of_WWI_Notes_4_2_10.pdf In class we looked at this document: Germany's_Blank_Cheque.doc No homework over the break. Just be prepared to work hard when you return.

WHB 4/1/10

{summary} Students received a stamp today for the reading in the big packet. We then talked about the causes of WWI using these slides: WHB_Causes_of_WWI_Notes_4_1_10.pdf Assignment: have these two readings done. Introduction_to_WWI.doc THE_BALKAN_SPARK_2.doc