WH 1/28/10

{summary} Today students received a stamp for interactive notes on the Malleus, which we discussed using these slides to assist us: WH_Malleus_Discussion_Slides.pdf. Hey--no homework! Cool!

I lost a friend tonight. Howard Zinn Died

{summary} Here's the article about Howard Zinn, who died of a heart attack at the age of 87. I'll greatly miss him. He influenced who I am as a teacher. Here's to continuing to complete the stories that aren't completely told, and here's to history from the bottom up. New York Times Howard Zinn, Historian, Dies at Age 87

WH 1/27/10

{summary} Today students received a way to help keep organized with assignments. Keep this in the front of your World History materials in your three-ring binder and record your assignments on it if you're having trouble keeping track of what is due when: Powells_WH_Assignment_Sheet.doc Today's lesson was a 1990 film from a feminist historiographical perspective on the witch burnings of the 15th and 16th Centuries: The Burning Times. Students took notes on this film. Remember, all accounts should be watched and read critically. We'll talk about some of the claims in the film (especially the numbers of victims noted by one historian interviewed) tomorrow. In the film the Malleus (The Hammer of Witches) was noted and discussed, the handbook on identifying witches, interrogating witches, and then disposing of witches. Students are to read this excerpt interactively for tomorrow: Extracts_from_THE_HAMMER_OF_WITCHES_09.doc For a laugh after you've read this dark and depressing document, watch this link from Monty Python and be glad you live now. Monty Python's 'She's a Witch'

WH 1/26/10

{summary} Students first received a stamp for last night's vocabulary. Then we covered a lot of ground leading to the Protestant Reformation. Here are the slides: WH_Reformation_Notes_1_26_10.pdf. Assignment: Read these slides about John Calvin. You will be responsible for this information, so if you need to take notes, do. WH_John_Calvin.pdf

WH 1/25/10

{summary} Students got back their grades for the Graded Discussions. I will get to the written--I'm not making promises on when. We started with a stamp for the weekend's reading and then did some background work on the Church and its conflicts prior to the Reformation. Here are today's slides: WH_Notes_Church_Conflict_Background_1_25_10.pdf Assignment: Students received a set of vocabulary words to work on for tonight. Have these done for tomorrow: WH_Glossary_items_1_25_10.doc

WH 1/22/10

{summary} Today we finished the Graded Discussions. Bravo! As a class you did very well. I'll get your scores to you on Monday. The class received a new reading packet today. For Monday you should have to page 9 read interactively. Also, on Monday I'll get your notes that you took while watching other groups do their graded discussions. Don't forget to have them with you.

WH 1/20/10

{summary} The first two groups did their graded discussion. Nice job! Two more tomorrow. Keep studying.

WH 1/14/10

{summary} Make sure to have your positive and negative accounts of the Columbian exchange finished for tomorrow. This is due at the beginning of class. Make sure if you are absent that you email me your part so I can add it to the group compilation.
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