WH 12/22/09

{summary} We finished 1492 Conquest of Paradise. If you missed the film, make sure to rent it through Netflix and watch it over break. Take notes. For all others, just relax.

WH 12/17/09

{summary} Today we talked about primary and secondary sources. We also discussed briefly the essential questions, and you will need to link what you learn to these essential questions. We started with a few that best suit what we have learned so far about Columbus. Here are the slides: Notes_from_Historians_Toolbox_12_17_09.pdf. Students received an in-class writing assignment as well. Here is the handout and prompt: In class writing no. 1 Columbus. This was handed in at the end of class. Assignment: For tomorrow, read interactively "Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal." You'll find in the text where I have marked "start here" on page 14 to "stop here" on page 15. You will again start reading on page 16 where it says "start again here" and read to the end on page 20. Think about the SOAPS process as you read this. We will talk about this reading using SOAPS at the beginning of the period tomorrow.

WH 12/15/09 and 12/16/09

{summary} Hi all. Sorry I was gone on Tuesday. Migraine. Here's what happened on that day: Students watched an interview with Howard Zinn, author of your reading "Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress," from A People's History of the United States. Students took notes from this interview. If you missed class you may watch the interview here: Moyers' Interview with Howard Zinn Students also received the Socratic Seminar Discussion Agenda for Wednesday. Columbus_Socratic_Seminar.doc. Students used the remainder of the class period to prepare their notes for the seminar. On Wednesday we had our first Socratic Seminar. You did very well! I'll give back the scoring sheets tomorrow. No homework tonight.

WH 12/14/09

{summary} Today we finished the Christopher Columbus film. Students received two stamps: one for their notes on the film; one for the political cartoon on Obama's Nobel Prize that each student was to bring in today. We talked about the cartoons after the film. Assignment: Remember, tomorrow the Howard Zinn reading (the first 12 pages in your packet) are to be read interactively. Make sure you have this completed. We will have a Socratic seminar on this reading on Wednesday.

WH 12/11/09

{summary} Happy weekend! Here's the Friday scoop: Today students received two handouts. 1. Nobel_Cartoon_12_11_09.doc 2. Note-taking on Christopher Columbus Film We watched the 1949 film Christopher Columbus. If you missed class it is available on Amazon downloads.Christopher Columbus on Amazon Downloads. It costs $1.99 to rent. (No I don't own Amazon stock--it is simply where I found it and bought it myself.) Students took notes using the strategies and things to watch for on the Note-taking guide above. We got through the first 53 minutes of the film. We will finish it on Monday. Assignments: Analyze the Nobel cartoon on the document handout you received today (on document uploaded above). This should be in your log and analyzed by Monday. Also, find a political cartoon on this same topic (Obama winning the Nobel prize or giving the speech in Oslo) and bring a copy of that in on Monday. Also, don't forget you need to be reading the first 12 pages in your Columbus packet interactively. This reading is due Tuesday (Zinn). Don't wait until Monday night. Have a good weekend. If it snows. . .really have a good weekend.

WH 12/10/09

{summary} Today students received two handouts: 1. The large reading packet: Columbus Reading Packet. Here is the cover, which has hot links to all of the readings except one should you lose your packet: Reading_Packet_Cover_Columbus.doc 2. The second handout I cannot upload right now but will get a copy of it for you. We talked today about the fallacy of the notion that Columbus set out for the "New World" in part to prove the earth was round. Here are the film links and slides that we used during the course of our conversation: Christopher Columbus Cartoon Magic Voyage See reference at 1:35 minutes. Flat_Earth_PDF.pdf Assignment: Read Howard Zinn's "Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress" pp. 1-12 in your packet, interactively. This is due Tuesday. Don't wait until the last minute to get this read. It takes quite a while to get through. It's a good read, but a bit of a challenge. Read through and highlight. Then go back and respond to what you read with notes. You'll find some outrageous stuff in this account.

WH 12 9 09

{summary} We started the period looking at the original version of the 1933 Three Little Pigs film from yesterday, which had a very stereotypical "Jewish Peddler" included in it. This was removed later. Another example of history being as much about the present as the past. Here's a link to the original version with the "Jewish Peddler" included: Original Three Little Pigs. We then talked about the difference between event and account. Here are the slides for that: WH_Events_v_Accounts.pdf. After doing so we used a handout to look at events embedded in the alternative account of the three little pigs called The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! By A. Wolf (a story by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith). Students worked in groups to identify events and answer questions on the worksheet in class. Students then answered on paper the following (to the best of their recollection): 1. What were the reasons Columbus went to the 'New World'? 2. What were the facts? Assignment: Finish the back side of the worksheet--events on the regular Three Little Pigs. Read to page 8 in your toolbox. (Interactively, of course.)

WH 12 8 09

{summary} Wow! Great class today. You're a great group. Today we started with this cartoon and the accompanying two perspectives about "climategate":Polar_Bear_12_8.pdf. We then talked about last night's reading assignment-- "History Defined in Florida Legislature." Students also received a stamp for last night's reading. To begin talking about point of view and its importance to history we saw this 1933 version of The Three Little Pigs and talked about the values we saw in the film afterward. Assignment: In your Toolbox read pp. 1-8 interactively for tomorrow. Also, make sure to have your parent signature on your Behavior Contract for tomorrow.
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