Women in Am History 4/29/09

{summary} Students received the Graded Discussion packet, a copy of the grade sheet that goes with it, and the discussion agenda. I have moved the first day of the Graded Discussion to Friday to give everyone one more day to prepare. We worked in class on our preparations. Here are the handouts: WH_Graded_Discussion_Packet_09.pdf Graded_Discussion_Individual_Form_Back_08_09.doc Women_in_American_History_Midterm_09_Graded_Discussion_Agenda.doc Note: students who had to leave early on Wednesday missed an addendum on the discussion agenda for topic III. It is included on the copy above and reads: Take a position: Which type of feminism would best serve to solve the problems brought out in these particular films? Explain and have some evidence and examples to support your assertions. Make sure to add this so you have the "take a position" component of this topic to prepare for.

Women in Am History 4/28/09

{summary} Today students turned in their commentaries on Small Happiness. I then handed out the review questions for Thursday and Friday's Graded Discussion. Spring_09_Midterm_Review_Sheet.doc After talking about each section on the review sheet in class, students used the last 25 minutes of class to get started on finding answers in our materials.

Women in Am Revolution 4/27/09

{summary} Today we finished the film "Small Happiness." If you missed class on Friday you may see this film on Wednesday after school. Assignment: Write a one-page commentary on the film. An excellent film commentary: _____ Formulates a position on the issue(s) presented in the film. (Think of this as your thesis.) _____ States this position on the issue(s) in a clear manner. _____ Offers specific reasons and/or evidence for the position. This will convey your own understanding and/or insight. _____ Makes specific references to specific scenes, quotations, statistics, speakers, examples from the film. _____ Makes links to other things we’ve studied or your own personal experiences. _____ Exhibits an excellent command of writing conventions. You correctly use conventions and grammar. _____ Commentaries should from now on be typed, double spaced, and no less than 1 page. Use 12 pt. font.

Women in Am History 4 24 09

{summary} Today was Friday Film Day. We watched the film "Small Happiness," an older film on rural Chinese women's roles and sexual politics. Small Happiness Clip This is one you need to have in your film journal--notes and a commentary. This commentary needs to be more substantial. We didn't quite get it finished--we will finish it Monday. For those who were gone on Thursday, make sure to get the four worksheets done in your new Colonial Sampler packet from the first reading. I will stamp these Monday for those who were gone yesterday. For more links on footbinding: NPR Story on Footbinding Lotus Foot Bound Foot You may want to think about all of the things we do in our society in the name of "beauty"--breast augmentation or any of the other varieties of plastic surgery that have become popular among women. These may in time seem as barbaric and absurd.

Women in Am History 4/22/09

{summary} We finished the film A Midwife's Tale. We then listened to an interview with Cokie Roberts about her book Founding Mothers. Students took notes. We only listened to the first 28 minutes of the discussion as that was the only portion of the discussion relevant to women in history. Cokie Roberts Interview: Cokie Roberts on Founding Mothers (This is not the interview we listened to in class, but actually better if you missed it.) Assignment: Read in your new packet pp. 1 - 5. We will answer the questions on this reading tomorrow in class.

Women in Am History 4/17/09

{summary} Friday film day--We watched a Wide Angle film called Birth of a Surgeon. If you missed class, watch the film, take notes on it in your film journal, and write a short commentary in your journal. Assignment: Don't forget--Moodle due tomorrow night (Saturday night midnight). Topic is posted on Moodle prompt 2. Have a good weekend.

Women in Am History 4/16/09

{summary} We discussed the Malleus Maleficarum today using these slides: Malleus_Maleficarum_Slides.pdf. When we finished talking about this dark topic, we lightened our hearts with this clip: She's A Witch With the remaining time, we watched a Stephen Colbert interview of Jessica Valenti from June 5, 2007. Remember, she is the author of Full Frontal Feminism. You do not need to write an entry in your film journal, but it was interesting and fun nonetheless. Colbert Interviews Valenti Assignment: There is a posted Moodle Assignment, which will be due Saturday night at midnight. Same criteria as before--one commentary and one response. Get it done.

Women in Am History 4/15/09

{summary} We started the period with a stamp for your worksheet from yesterday. We then counted our stamps (there were 12) and entered them into the grades. Having accomplished that we moved to some short films on witchcraft in the modern world from National Geographic. Here are the links: Ghana Witches Wicca in England Mexican Witchcraft Brazil's Umbandan Religion Assignment: For tomorrow read the Malleus Maleficarum extracts (pp. 19-22) interactively.
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