Women in Am History 3/30/09

{summary} Today we started on a new unit with a new packet. Make sure you get this if you were absent. Here is the cover: Bible_to_Malleus_Cover.pdf The first reading I can upload for those of you who were gone. Get started reading it, for it is due on Wednesday: Women_In_Ancient_Christianity_by_Karen_King.doc The notes for today are short: Womens_History_March_30_Slides_Fall_of_the_Goddess.pdf We watched about 30 minutes of Signs Out of Time about archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas and her theories about neolithic Goddess cultures. The film stopped short due to some computer glitch. We saw enough to get the main ideas of her theories, though. Students began reading the first reading assignment (above).

Women in Am History 3/27/09

{summary} Friday Film Day: The Day My God Died This film is a powerful and disturbing film about young girls in Bombay whose lives are shattered by the child sex trade. Think there aren't big issues out there that feminists need to address? Here's one. If you missed class, make sure to watch it. It should be an entry in your film journal. For more information about the film: Questions and Answers about Sex Trade Feeling kicked in the gut after watching this? Here's some links to offer some action options: ⇒ Donations can be made at: Donations Link for Friends of Maiti Nepal, The Daywalka Foundation, and The International Justice Mission For more on ending the sex trafficking of young women and children: Women's Rehabilitation Center Nepal 2008 State Department Report Trafficking in Persons Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women

Women in Am History 3/25/09

{summary} Today I handed back the grades for yesterday's Socratic Seminar and talked to the class about how to focus more on the text to improve scores. We then went to the computer lab to sign up for Moodle. All students will need to set up a Moodle account for Women's History. Assignment All students will need to finish reading the "F" Word packet interactively. I will check these and give you a stamp for each article on Monday. Even so, they need to be read prior to that because your first Moodle assignment is dependent upon your having read them, and that assignment is due Saturday midnight. You will find this assignment on the Moodle forum entry 1: Your first Moodle writing prompt is to write a commentary and post a response to a peer's commentary that discusses: * First, is feminism as a political movement, a philosophy, a perspective, relevant in 2009? * Second, is it necessary to claim the word feminism to promote the ideals and goals of feminism and women's rights and equality? Commentary Criteria: ______Commentaries are each between 250-300 words (okay to write more if you are really inspired). _____Commentary should be written with excellent spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.No email shorthand. Smiley faces are okay. _____Commentary should include comments about specific parts of the last four readings in the packet (Hymowitz, Gardner, Kirkland, Burkett, and Anderson). _____Commentary should use at least one quotation from one of the articles. _____Commentary must be posted by due date to count for credit. The due date for our first commentary and response is Saturday (March 28th) at 11:59 pm. Response Criteria: _____Responses are to be at a minimum 100 words long.(You may write more if you are inspired.) _____Responses are to be written with excellent spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Only use the person’s screen name (cpowell for example) when talking to the person about their commentary. _____Responses should include comments about a specific statement made in the commentary. _____Responses should include questions or opinions about the commentary, privacy and propaganda issues. _____Responses must be posted by due date to count for credit. The due date for our first response is Saturday (March 28th) at 11:59 pm. Good luck! I'll be reading these Sunday morning with coffee and toast! smile

Women in Am History 3/24/09

{summary} You made it through your first Socratic Seminar! Congratulations. I'll give you your grades tomorrow in class. Here are copies of the Socratic materials you received in class today: Socratic_Seminar_on_Biological_Differences_Articles.doc Womens_History_Socratic_Seminar_Scoring_Guide_09.doc No homework tonight unless you want to get started on finishing the reading packet.

Women in American History 3/23/09

{summary} Today we wrapped up the discussion of our introduction of the various types of feminism. To illustrate Third Wave Feminism, I read from Jessica Valenti's book Full Frontal Feminism. Excerpts are available at: Google's Full Frontal Feminism. We talked about some of the issues she brings up in her introduction. Afterward, students used this worksheet to review the types of feminism we've covered in class: Types_of_feminism_Worksheet.doc Assignment: Tomorrow is our first Socratic Seminar. To get a ticket to talk you must have all three articles interactively read from pages 8-15 in "The 'F' Word" Packet." This seminar will be worth 100 points. We discussed in class how we will go about this. Students will need to speak three times to the text. We will have two sessions so everyone will have a chance--don't worry frosh! Once the seniors are done in the first session, you'll have plenty of time to get your two cents in. Remember, a Socratic Seminar is a conversation, not a debate. That doesn't mean we all have to agree on every point, but the intention of the seminars is to get as much meaning from the material as possible. Let's delve into the three perspectives of how important biology is to establishing gender roles! **Thanks Autumn for making me more tech savvy! smile Also, the language in Full Frontal Feminism is edgy, but it is the voice of feminism's Third Wave.

Women in Am History 3/19/09

{summary} Students received stamps in their film journal for each entry they have so far. We discussed the various types of feminism so far and the film clips for yesterday. I then ran through these various types using these slides: Womens_history_Feminism_Slides_March_19.pdf At the end of class we saw part of this film: Debunking the Myths of Feminism--to "What's Goin' On" by Marvin Gaye Assignment: Read interactively pp. 8-15. These will be due Tuesday when we will have our first Socratic Seminar. This is just a way to get a jump start on that reading assignment. Have a great weekend! smile

Women in Am History 3/18/09

{summary} Students received a stamp for the reading assignment from last night. We then continued our discussion of feminism using this slide prior to watching three short film clips: Womens_history_Feminism_Slide_March_18.pdf Feminism the Cool 'f' Word This is What a Feminist Looks Like Naomi Wolf on Third Wave Feminism Students took comment notes as they watched each of the short films. Assignment: Using the guidelines in your Film Journal handout (that you received yesterday) write a short commentary for each of these three films for tomorrow. The commentaries need to be only short paragraphs. We'll discuss the films tomorrow and you can use your notes and commentaries and the base for your comments in class. Reminder--course descriptions are to be signed by parents by tomorrow for points.

Women in Am History 3/17/09

{summary} Today I handed out a sheet on the film journals you will keep. Yesterday's Italian animated film clip should be your first entry. Here's the handout: Women_in_American_History_Film_Journal_09.doc We started talking about feminism today. Here are the slides: Womens_history_Feminism_Slides_March_17.pdf Assignment: For tomorrow read to page 7 in your packet "The 'f' Word" interactively. I'll give you a stamp tomorrow for this assignment.
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