World History B 12/15/07 Friday

{summary} Today we did our first stamp check. There were six stamps possible on this first one (at 5 points each, this really adds up). The Vocabulary test is Tuesday, since I've been sick and not able to talk more about these topics. For students who've missed days where we've seen film lectures from The Western Tradition, you may see these on the Internet if you set up a student account. The accounts are free and at a reputable site for education only. It is not a commercial site, but geared toward educational assistance. Talk to your parents before signing up if you have questions. The Western Tradition Video on Demand at Annenberg Here are the programs we've seen and taken notes on: 20. The Feudal Order Bishop, knight, and peasant exemplified some of the social divisions of the year 1000 A.D. (Look back a couple of days for my note supplements.) 21. Common Life in the Middle Ages Famine, disease, and short life expectancies were the conditions that shaped medieval beliefs. 22. Cities and Cathedrals of the Middle Ages The great churches embodied the material and spiritual ambitions of the age. On Monday you should have the reading Heretics,_Heresies_and_the_Church.doc read using interactive note-taking. This was handed out on Thursday afternoon when I had gone home sick. Thanks for being patient while I get better this week. Powell
12/14 at 03:26 PM
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12/12/07 World History

{summary} Students worked on a comprehensive vocabulary review today. Here is the list. We worked in the library on this. It is due tomorrow. Test_Review_Vocab_07.doc Also, here is a supplementary set of notes from yesterday's film lecture: The_Feudal_Order_Notes_from_Webers_No_20_Lecture.doc Your vocabulary must be done by tomorrow.
12/12 at 02:34 PM
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12/11/07 World History B

{summary} Today we started out with a stamp for The Three Orders. We then watched and took notes on The Western Tradition--The Feudal Order, a segment lecture detailing the three-part society of the 11th and 12th centuries. I will stamp your film notes tomorrow. If you were not able to see the film, you may see it at Annenberg Media--The Western Tradition. You would have to scroll down to find The Western Tradition and establish a student account for yourself, but it is free. You would also need high speed Internet. The segment we watched today was No. 20 The Feudal Order. Students then received a reading packet on feudalism to read interactively tonight: Feudalism_and_Medieval_life.doc This reading has at the front a set of notes attached. Here they are: Feudalism.doc Tomorrow we will stamp this reading as well as your film notes from today.
12/11 at 03:05 PM
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12/10/07 World History B

{summary} Sorry I wasn't here on Monday. The crud has now officially landed at the Powell/Zecher abode. Thanks to Mary Robinson for stepping in! On Monday students received a reading entitled: Medieval_Society--The_Three_Orders.doc. (The copy handed out had only pages 1-5.) Students used class time to read and interactively take notes.
12/11 at 08:45 AM
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WH B 12/7/07

{summary} At the beginning of the period students received another festive stamp for their interactive reading notes on Dialectics. We then went through dialectics, and Marx's theory of history. These notes were on the board. We also spent the end of the period talking about some current events, specifically waterboarding and the breaking story about allegations of the CIA destroying video taps of interrogations. Here are two links you may watch if you missed class: Waterboarding Story from Nov 2--Shows What Waterboarding Is NYT--Democrats Call for Inquiry in Destruction of Tapes by CIA No homework over the weekend. Rest and relax. Be prepared for more work on Monday!
12/07 at 11:09 AM
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World History B 12/5 and 6

{summary} On Wednesday students first received a stamp for their interactive notes from the night before. We then went over some of the core principles covered in the tool box, specifically primary and secondary sources. Here are the lecture slides from Wednesday: Notes_from_Historians_Toolbox.pdf Homework for Wednesday night was to read pp. 6 and 7 in the Toolbox interactively. Today (Thursday) I was busy getting the last of my grades done, so after getting a stamp for interactive notes, students worked in groups on getting more information from the two readings in the toolbox. Here is the worksheet we used: Introductory_Unit_Study_Sheet.doc Tonight's homework is to read interactively Dialectics_for_Kids.doc and the accompanying ABCs_of_Change.doc. You need only mark interactive notes on the Dialectics for Kids (first three pages) of packet. ABCs of Change are examples. We'll talk about dialectics and Marx's theory of history tomorrow. Thanks for working so hard today!
12/06 at 03:59 PM
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WHB 12/4/07

{summary} Hi Sophomores. I do apologize for not updating this yesterday afternoon as usual. The server was acting up yesterday due to weather, so I was unable to get this done after school. Here's what wasn't there for you on Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday students received two 5 point entries in participation--one for a signed course description; one for having a three-ringed binder. We then discussed the point of view exercise you had done on Monday. What evidence did you find of that "propagandist teacher" in A-2 from 100 years ago? What political perspective did you detect? What evidence did you include? What evidence did you exclude? What were the problems with those particular pieces of evidence? What would you need to include in your research to get a better picture of history? We then took point of view a bit farther with some impromptu readings and enactments of the Three Little Pigs--Disney Little Golden Book version (from the perspective of the 'smart' third little pig--smug little dude, indeed) and a second enactment from Jon Scieszka's book The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (from the perspective of the wolf). Nice finger puppet work! After much dramatic flare gave us porcine and lupine points of view, students received an updated World History B Toolbox. Here's a copy (without the last pages that are graphic organizers for critical thinking skills--you'll get extra copies of those from me in class as we work on the specific skills). WHB_Toolbox_07_08.pdf Your assignment for tomorrow: 1. Read or review "Taking Interactive Notes" on page 12 and 13 in the Toolbox. 2. Read pp. 2 - 6 in the Toolbox for tomorrow. 3. Take interactive notes on pp. 4 - 6. You're a great class!
12/05 at 08:44 AM
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World History B 12/3/07

{summary} Welcome Sophomores! Today students received a course description. This should be shared with parents/guardians, signed, and returned tomorrow for points. WHB_Course_Description_07_08.pdf Students should also have a three-ring binder for this class only by tomorrow. In class today we went over the class requirements and course description. We then did a point of view exercise looking at evidence in the classroom to determine Ms. Powell's general political point of view. I can't upload this graphic organizer, so if you missed class, make sure you get a copy of it tomorrow. What a great class the sophomores are! What your teachers say of you is true!
12/03 at 12:23 PM
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