Women in Am History 3/16/09

{summary} Welcome to class! Today we started things off by getting the Womens_History_Course_Description_ handed out, the first reading packet--"The 'F' Word Feminism 101," and "Lucy and Ethel's Flawed Logic Patterns to be aware of." I talked about class expectations and how we roll in here. Then we covered some commonly asked questions--misconceptions of the class and feminism. Here are the slides I used: Womens_History_Misconceptions_to_Clear_Up.pdf The last five minutes we saw this short Italian animated film, which will be the first entry into your film journal. You may want to see it again to contemplate its stereotypes: Gender Roles Animated Short Film Assignment: Take your course description home and get it signed by your parents. Here is what I can upload from today's materials: Womens_History_Lucy_and_Ethels_Flawed_Logic_Patterns.pdf From the "F" Word--Feminism 101 Packet: Feminism Basics : Feminism_Overview_09.doc “Biological Differences Establish Gender Roles” (Charley Reese) --not uploadable “Culture Establishes Gender Roles” (Deborah L. Rhode) --not uploadable “Both Biology and Culture Help Establish Gender Roles” (Deborah Blum)--not uploadable “Feminism is Obsolete” (Kay S. Hymowitz) See File Below “Feminism is Not Obsolete” (Marilyn Gardner) See File Below “Women Should Reject Feminism” (Resa LaRu Kirkland) See File Below “Feminism has Expanded Women’s Choices” (Elinor Burkett) See File Below Four_Views_of_Feminism_from_Opposing_Viewpoints.doc “Why I’m a Feminist” (Lauren Anderson) Why_Im_a_Feminist_Lauren_Anderson.pdf


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