Political News Sources

{summary} This is just a beginning list. I'll add more when I have time. Keep in mind that for the most part these are members of corporate press. Liberal News: Countdown with Keith Olbermann On MSNBC for those of you with extended cable. His "special comments" are some of the best truth to power commentary you'll hear. But he does comment from a liberal point of view. The Nation.com You'll find William Greider's writing here among others. The New Republic The American Prospect.org Mother Jones.com Salon.com Common Dreams.org Collection of liberal or progressive writers' articles and essays. The Guardian This is a British paper, but a liberal and non-US voice on US politics. Conservative News: FOX News Sundays with Chris Wallace Clips available online from his Sunday show. O'Reilly Factor Bill O'Reilly calls it the "no spin zone," but you'll have to watch it after studying media and critical thinking to decided what you think about spin. Wall Street Journal A conservative beacon; it's now part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, so it's under more scrutiny than it once was. The National Review Online Newsmax.com Washington Times Not to be confused with the Washington Post. The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol is the brain behind this publication. More Politically Centered: New York Times Conservatives say it's liberal; liberals say it led us to war in Iraq. It's still the newspaper of record in America. Washington Post For American politics, it's a must read. The Los Angeles Times Usually takes a bit more liberal perspective. Time Magazine Online Northwest: Seattle Times Seattle PI Tacoma News Tribune


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