WH 1/27/10

{summary} Today students received a way to help keep organized with assignments. Keep this in the front of your World History materials in your three-ring binder and record your assignments on it if you're having trouble keeping track of what is due when: Powells_WH_Assignment_Sheet.doc Today's lesson was a 1990 film from a feminist historiographical perspective on the witch burnings of the 15th and 16th Centuries: The Burning Times. Students took notes on this film. Remember, all accounts should be watched and read critically. We'll talk about some of the claims in the film (especially the numbers of victims noted by one historian interviewed) tomorrow. In the film the Malleus (The Hammer of Witches) was noted and discussed, the handbook on identifying witches, interrogating witches, and then disposing of witches. Students are to read this excerpt interactively for tomorrow: Extracts_from_THE_HAMMER_OF_WITCHES_09.doc For a laugh after you've read this dark and depressing document, watch this link from Monty Python and be glad you live now. Monty Python's 'She's a Witch'


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