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Welcome to Second Semester Leadership (Tuesday, Jan. 27th)

Welcome to the second semester of Leadership!

Today in class we went through the COURSE SYLLABUS. Please sign and return no later than Friday, January 30th.

We also began our 31 days of "Redefining Leadership", as we talked through the DAY #1 QUESTIONS (Are leaders born or made?) today.

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Welcome to Second Semester Health (Tuesday, Jan 27th)

Hard to believe the second semester is already here! Please get in the habit of checking the website regularaly, as I will update it daily. This is a great tool to use if you were absent, and would like to get the work that was missed.

Today we began class by going through the COURSE SYLLABUS. Please share with your parent or guardian and return the last page by Friday, January 30th. As I shared with students in class today, it is essential to get off on the right foot at the beginning of the semester! Students who have the greatest success in Family Health are those who pay attention in class and get their homework done on time. And, not surprisingly, these two traits tend to translate to doing well on tests and quizzes.

Work for Today:


After going through the syllabus, we dove right in and began thinking about what it means to take responsibility for your health. Please have the LESSON 1 WORKSHEET completed by the time you get to class tomorrow. (TEXTBOOK READING - LESSON 1)



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Unit 11/ Final Exam Study Guide

Hard to believe finals are already upon us! PLease see below for more details.

Please see the UNIT 11/FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE for information that will be on the final test of the semester. Be aware that this exam will be weighted the same as the other exams we have had throughout the semester, and will NOT be a cumulative exam. Students will be allowed to use 1 3x5 handwritten note card on the exam. The exam will take place during the block periods on Wednesday, January 21st and Thursday, January 22nd.

Although all of the lessons listed in the study guide will be on the exam, the majority of the exam will cover lessons 69 and 70 from the textbook that deal with injuries, CPR, and first aid. I would highly recommend using the study guides at the end of these sections as a study tool.

Note about missing/late work! If you still have outstanding work, test, or quizzes that need to be handed in the last day to do so is Tuesday, January 20th! No work will be accepted after this time!

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Monday, January 12 - First Aid/CPR Small Group Projects

Today we began small groups projects on a number of different first aid/CPR topics. Please read below for information about the projects. 

Project Requirements:

- Each group of three is responsible for presenting information related to their specific topic, and for creating a visual (poster) which will be used when presenting to the class.

- Sources for the project will be the Health textbook (LESSON 69 & LESSON 70) and the American Red Cross Manual,

- Each group will present a 3-4 minute presentation in which they describe and teach the class about their specific topic. Please be sure to define what types of health conditions/injuries are included in your topic, and how one should treat or deal with a condition or injury of it's nature.

-Each group member should be responsible for presenting some aspect of the information.

Work Schedule:

Mon (1/12), Tues (1/13), 1/2 of Wed (1/14) - Group Work Days (time should be used gathering information, determineing what information will be presented, creating visual, practicing presentation)

1/2 Wed (1/14) & Thurs (1/15) - Watch CPR Video and practice on "dummies"

Friday (1/16) & Mon (1/19) - Group Presentations

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Friday, January 9th

Today we began class by discussing the work from lesson 64 completed during the block period days. We focused on thinking about the "Self-Worth Arch of Triumph" from the reading. We then moved on to lesson 65, where our focus on was thinking about ways that teens often put themselves in situations that contain unnecessary risk. The homework from the night was to complete questions #2,4,8,10,14,15,17,19,21,24,26 from the LESSON 65 STUDY GUIDE.

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