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Wednesday 3/4 & Thursday 3/5 (Block Periods)

Before I give a re-cap of today, I want to say thank you to all of the Health students for a great start to the second semester! Today is my last day of school for the next 8-9 weeks, as I will be on maternity leave. I have full confidence that my classes will be in great hands, as my long-term sub Jay Irish gets ready to take over. I will return on Monday, May 11th and finish out the rest of the school year.

Today (Wednesday - there will be a sub on Thursday) in class we focused on thinking about the ways in which drug and alcohol use - and addiction - effects the relationships an addict has with peers, friends, and family. We watched the National Geographic film "Drugged: High On Alcohol." You will need to view this film if you were absent (see link below). Following the film, we spent time in class discussing the ways in which Ryan's family and friends relationships were changed becuase of his addiction. Following discussion of the film, students had time to complete the homework assignment for the day, which was to read LESSON 41:RESISTING PRESSURE TO ABUSE DRUGS and complete questions #1-5 in the "What You'll Learn" section on page 462 and to complete questions #1-7 from the "Study Guide" on page 467.


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Tuesday, March 3rd

Today we began class by taking the lesson 39 reading quiz - if you missed this quiz please be sure to make it up during the SMART period THIS week, as I will be gone on maternity leave.

Becuase I have a baby appointment this afternoon, I will not be in 6th period. The following tasks need to get done in class.

1. Take notes on the MARIJUANA AND THE BRAIN PowerPoint. Please feel free to paraphrase. It will help to have the Marijuana article out while you look through the notes, as there are areas where information is similar.

2. Complete the LESSON 40 STUDY GUIDE (pg. 461 #1-26)

I will see you all tomorrow for my final day before maternity leave!

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Monday, March 2nd

Today in class we discussed the "Continuum of Use" (from the ATOD packet) and compared social definitions of use to medical definitions of use. We then filled in the DRUG CHART that we started on Friday. If you were absent, please see lesson 39 from the textbook for the information needed in the chart.

Homework for tonight is to complete the ATOD PACKET and to skim LESSON 39 from the textbook. There will be a reading quiz tomorrow.

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Friday, February 27th

Happy Friday!

We will start class with a reading quiz over lesson 36-38 today - if you are gone today, please make arrangements to make this up early next week!

We will then begin our discussion - that will take us the next few days - on alcohol, tobacco, and other specific drugs. Today in class we completed the following tasks:

1. Complete ONLY the "How Much Do You Know" quiz on the front page of the PROJECT SUCCESS packet.

2. With you table group, fill in the assigned category on the DRUGS CHART. You only need to fill in the one category your table group was assigned, we will complete the rest of the chart on Monday.

3. Click HERE to access the interactive brain diagram - please locate and label the regions of the brain discussed here.

4. By Monday, please read the MARIJUANA ARTICLE with interactive notes.


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Wednesday, February 24th

Today we spent the majority of the class period discussing what we learned/ saw in the video "Inside the Teenage Brain" and the article "The Science of Addiction." We centered our discussion around the following 4 questions:

The Science of Addiction & Inside the Teenage Brain

Table Group Discussion:

1. How is the brain of a teen actually very much like the brain of an infant?

2. What are the primary areas of the brain affected by drug abuse? What are each of these areas responsible for?

3. How does communication in the brain work?

4. According to the article, how does the brain get “very good” at addiction? What exactly keeps an addict coming back for more?

Homework: Please read lesson 36, 37, & 38 by the time you come to class on Friday. (You will be given time in class on Thursday to work on this reading assignment)

Lesson 36 - Using OTC and Prescription Drugs Safely

Lesson 37 & 38 - Choosing a Tobacco & Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

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