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Block Periods 12/17 & 12/18 - Substance Abuse Exam Tools

Please use the following links to help you study for the Substance Abuse Exam on Friday, December 19th.

Don't forget that you are allowed to use 1 3x5 handwritten note card!



Extra Credit Opportunity! Tomorrow (12/18) during the SMART period, Prevention Specialist Tracie Mach will host a workshop about resiliency in the Commons. All Health students who attend this workshop for the entire time and take notes on what they learn will receive 5 points in the "Major Assignment" category. Please be sure to sign in at the workshop, and then turn your notes in to Mrs. Sears afterward.

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Tuesday, December 16th

Today in class we began class by taking some time to discuss the article "The Science of Addiction" that was assigned yesterday. Please see the previous post for the article if you were absent.

We then began our discussion about ways in which we can deal with friends and family members who might be using drugs or alcohol. Homework for tonight is to read the COPING WITH SUBSTANCE ABUSE handout for further discussion tomorrow, and to complete the first page of the IDENTIFYING STRESSORS PACKET.

Substance Abuse Exam - Friday, December 19th

Please use the SUBSTANCE ABUSE STUDY GUIDE to find specific information about what to expect on the test this Friday, December 19th.

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Monday, December 15th

Today in class we went through and discussed the ILLEGAL DRUGS CHART that students began as they read though lesson 39 over the weekend. If you were absent please make sure you get this information from someone that was in class.

The homework for the night is the read the article "THE SCIENCE OF ADDICTION" with interactive notes. I will check the article at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Don't forget! Our substance abuse exam will take place this Friday, December 19th! Study guide to be posted soon!

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Friday, December 12th

Today we began class by discussing the notes we had gone through over the past two days as well as the marijuana reading packet. I checked to see that the reading packet was complete with interactive notes.

Homework: Reading LESSON 39 - AVOIDING ILLEGAL DRUG USE for Monday. Please fill out the ILLEGAL DRUGS CHART as you read. I will check to see that the chart is complete at the start of class on Monday.

Have a good weekend - only one more week until Winter Break!

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Thursday, December 11th (PDD Day)

(Today is a PDD schedule)

Today in class we will have work time to continue working on the things we have began throughout the week. Here are the tasks that need to get done in class today.

1. Complete the notes on MARIJUANA AND THE BRAIN NOTES. We will follow-up and complete the discussion at the beginning of class on Friday.

2. Finish reading the MARIJUANA READING PACKET. This reading needs to be complete - with interactive notes - when you come to class on Friday.

Mark Your Calendar! Our substance abuse exam will take place on Friday, December 19th. I know there may be some of you who will not be at school becuase it is the last day before winter break, if at all possible I would HIGHLY recommend making arrangements to take this exam BEFORE winter break, as it is difficult to come back from a long break and take a test.

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