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Wednesday 10/1 & Thursday 10/2 (Block Periods)

In class today we completed our discussion from Monday about the six primary nutrients and their function in the body. Students should now have their nutrient chart completly filled out. Next, we walked through the proper steps to reading a food label, and how to understand what all of the information on a food label actually means. Students took notes on a food label that I handed out - I would recommened keeping this for future reference, as it's a nice quick guide to reading labels. Finally, we spent the last part of class going over the Unit 1 & 2 exam that was taken on Friday. If you have not taken the test, please plan on doing so during the SMART time on Thursday. With the remaining time left in class students were given a chance to start the reading LESSON 26 for Friday. Please plan on having a reading quiz at the start of class on Friday.

Tuesday, September 30th - There was a a sub in class today. Students completed the lesson 25 study guide (#1-26). This was checked at the beginning of the block period.

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Monday, September 29th - Nutrients

Today we began Unit 4, which focuses on Nutrition. We will spend our time working through this unit and related topics over the course of the next few weeks.

In class, we began our discussion of nutrients and the role/function they play in the body. Students were to fill out the NUTRIENT TABLE, and then as a class we began discussing each nutrient in greater detail. If students did not finish getting the basic information from the text on to the table in class, then they should finish it as homework. Students should also fill out the claims worksheet as a means of pre-assessment for creating evidence-based claims, which will be a focus of ours throughout the unit. 

If you did not finish in class, please see the LESSON 25 READING

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Units 1 & 2 Exam Study Guide

Please view the Unit 1 & 2 Study Guide to help you prepare for the exam this Friday.

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Wednesday, September 24th

Today we began our test review for the Unit 1 & 2 exam this Friday.

The assignment for tonight was to complete the following questions from the Unit 2 Study Guide on page 130 in the text.

#1-10 (vocabulary)

#13, 14, 16, 17, 18 (AND, for this question, write down what OTHER signs, beyond just those typically listed as signs of suicide, are critical in suicide prevention) , 19, 21, 22, 23, 26

Tomorrow, we will play Jeopardy in class as our final review for the test.

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Tuesday, September 23rd - Dealing with Loss and Grief

Today in class we began class by finishing our discussion about depression and suicide, thinking specifically about how depression and suicide are connected.

We then moved on to lesson 12, the final lesson in unit 2, and began thinking about dealing with loss and grief in healhful ways. Students need to have the following items complete when they come to class tomorrow.

1. Read lesson 12 and take two-column notes as you read (main points in the left colum, and supporting details in the right column). Notes should not be more than one side of one page - remember, you are not re-writing the book, rather you are looking to draw out the most critical details.

2. Create a storyboard/illustration that depicts someone dealing with the five stages of loss and grief in a healthful way. You storyboard should be at least 8 squares/illustrations, and should show each of the five stages.

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