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Oprah and AIDS

In our shortened period today we watched Oprah 20th Anniversary

Homework: Write a 200 word reflection from video and from the lesson/presentation you created.  You can write about your feelings towards AIDS, how in your life AIDS is perceived, what is AIDS for you.

This can be typed or written.  It is due tomorrow 4/24!

Posted on 04/23 at 11:03 AM in Health ;

Work and review

We spoke on Viral STDs and learned about pubic lice.  You don't wanna catch that!

The homework was finished by most in class but here it is just in case you lost it.  It is due tomorrow 4/22

Posted on 04/21 at 03:00 PM in Health ;

Bacterial STD’s

Clap your hands for Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea oh my!

Good talk today.  No homework but here is lesson 46 for review.  Tomorrow we will discuss HIV!

Posted on 04/20 at 02:59 PM in Health ;

Nigel Lott

Enjoy your spring break.  Once again here is the information for Nigel Lott our guest speaker this week.



Have a great break!

Posted on 04/10 at 02:58 PM in Health ;


Good job on Lesson 45!  Here is the homework that was given out today, just in case any one lost it!

Lesson 44 HW 

Posted on 04/09 at 02:57 PM in Health ;
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