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Tuesday & Wednesday, October 29th -30th: Block Period Follow-Up

During the Block Periods on Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th we began class by discussing traits the we value and desire in relationships, we also began a discussion about recognizing the healthy and unhealthy signs in relationships. We then spent the majority of the period completing "In Her Shoes", an activity that walked groups through various unhealthy and abusive dating relationships. After we discussed each of the relationships, students were asked to respond to 2 of the 4 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. Please make sure responses are thoughtful, and well-thought out. Responses should be at least 4-5 sentences in length. We will discuss these as a full class on Friday.

Reminder! We will have a reading quiz over lessons 15 and 17 from the textbook to start class on Friday. See the last post on teacherweb for a link to the reading.

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Tuesday, October 28th - Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

Today in class we will be spending time thinking about and discussing the traits of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, as this will set the stage for an activity/simulation we will complete in class during the block period on Wednesday and Thursday.


1. Complete the "How I want to be treated by my boyfriend/girlfriend" WS.


3. For Friday, you will need to read LESSON 15 & LESSON 17 from the text, and take notes as you go. There will be a reading quiz on both of these lesson on Friday at the beginning of class.

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Friday, October 24th - Beginning of FLASH Unit

Today in class we began our FLASH unit by taking about the reproductive systems and their functions (REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS NOTES). The homework for the weekend is to: 1. Finish the notes we took in class (be sure that you have both the part and it's function labeled)  2. READ LESSON 20 and prepare for a reading quiz on Monday  3. Complete the BLUE HALF SHEET, by turning the assertion of truth made at the beginning of lesson 20 into an evidence-based claim.


FLASH Research Project Instructions

On Thursday, October 23rd we discussed the requirements for the FLASH RESEARCH PROJECTS. You will have the next month to work on these individual projects, and are expected to do the majority of the work for this project OUTSIDE of classtime. Individual presentations will take place on Monday, November 24th and Tuesday, November 25th.


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Monday, October 20th

Today in class we wrapped up Unit 5 on Nutirtion, and began reviewing for the Unit 5 Exam (which will take place on Wednesday, October 22nd).

Work for tonight:

- Complete the Lesson 29 WS, and skim through section for review. (LESSON 29 READING)

- Complete the UNIT 5 STUDY GUIDE (pg. 338) # 1-30.

We will play Jeopardy in class tomorrow for review.

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Unit 5 - Nutrition Exam

We will have our second exam on Unit 5 - Nutrition on Wednesday, October 22nd. We will begin reviewing in class on Monday 10/20.

Please see the UNIT 5 STUDY GUIDE for more information about the test.

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