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Dealing with Depression & “More Than Sad” Video

Friday, September 19th:

Today in class we began our discussion about depression by watching a video on teen depression called "More Than Sad." While watching the video, students were asked to take notes, specifically looking for the ways in which depression is different for each of the four teens profiled in the video. Additionally, students should respond to the two questions below (on paper), and have these ready when you get to class on Monday. These questions will facilitate Monday's class discussion.

1. Which of the four teens in the film would you have been most likely to recognize as being depressed? Why? Which of the four students would have been the most difficult to recognize as depressed? Why?

2. What differences did you notice about the ways that depression was expressed in the four students shown? What symptoms or signs of depression were most surprising to you?

Finally, we will have a reading quiz on lesson 11 at the beginning of class on Monday.

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Lessons 9 & 10

Hi All,

Because I was not at school on Tuesday there were a number of questions about the assignment and what was actually due. Please see the information below to hopefully answer any questions you might have!

Tuesday: In-class we discussed personality types and developing a healthy mind. The assignment was to take notes on the mental disorders discussed on pages 89-91, and to answer the questions (#1-7) in the "What You'll Learn" section on page 82. Becuase many classes had little time to work on this, I am giving students some time to work on this during the block period on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday/Thursday (Block Periods): During the block period we began by discussing the information from lesson 9 on developing a healthy mind. We also took notes on types of stress and ways to deal with stress (there was an outline provided for these notes). The assignment for the day was to complete questions 11,18,19, 21, 22, and 25 from the lesson 10 study guide on page 107. Additionally, complete the journal activity/prompt located at the bottom of page 106.

Because many students needed more time I did not check work today, but will check the following items at the BEGINNING of class on Friday:

- Self-Collage (assigned Monday)

- Lesson 9 notes and questions

- Lesson 10 study guide selected questions.

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Reading - Unit 2: Mental & Emotional Health

All of the reading for our upcoming unit about mental & emotional health can be accessed HERE.

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Lesson 8 - Developing Good Character

Assignment for Monday, September 15th:

Today in class we began the Self-Collage Assignment - this is due when you get to class tomorrow (Tues. 9/16).

You will also need to read lesson 9 tonight, and prepare for a reading quiz when you get to class tomorrow (9/16).

Reading for Unit 2

Posted on 09/15 at 08:25 AM in Health ;

Unit 1 Re-Cap

As we finish Unit 1, your task is to complete the Unit 1 Study Guide (#1-30). We will begin Unit 2 on mental and emotional health on Monday. If you were unable to finish the assignment in class, you will need Unit 1 Reading - Health Skills.

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