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SIRS Discoverer

History Study Center

ProQuest Learning: Literature



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McMurray Library Catalog

McMurray Library Catalog


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Roselle’s Geologic Time Sites Geologic Time Scale

BBC: History of Life on Earth

University of California Museum of Paleontology

NOVA: A Brief History of Life

Kentucky Geologic Survey: Images in Time


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Washington State History!

The Great Seattle Fire

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Mount Rainier National Park: 100 Years in Paradise

Klondike Gold Rush: The Perilous Journey North

The Evergreen State ... in Black and White

Homesteaders and Pioneers on the Olympic Peninsula

Salish Bounty

The Truth versus Twilight

Farm Workers in Washington State History Project

Columbia River Cybertour

Ferry Whistles on Puget Sound: A Slideshow

Play Ball! A Slideshow of the History of Early Baseball in Washington

Bridges of Washington State: A Slideshow Primer of Technology through Time

Lewis and Clark Expedition in Washington. 1805-1806: An Illustrated Cybertour

The Life of a Tree: From Seed to Finished Product

Boeing: Heritage of Innovation

Washington Climbers Coalition

Washington State Parks: Rock Climbing


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6th Grade China Dynasties Sites

China Dynasties Sites

1. Fact Monster

2. Travel China Guide

3. Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding

4. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

5. Metropolitan Museum of Art

World Timeline Sites

1. Fact Monster

2. History Central 

3. HyperHistory

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