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Language Arts

A page out of Leonardo DaVinci's Codex Lecester describing the moon's orbit.
Bibliography Help The Citation Machine This site offers bibliographic assistance. You type in the important information from your source and it formats if for you. A good time saver. Word Origin AKA, Etymology (study of the "true sense" of a word) resources Online Etymology Dictionary Dictionary of Greek and Latin Roots Phrase Origin There has also been some interest in phrase origin. So much so, that it may someday be the source of an assignment. Stand by. In the meantime, feel free to noodle through this site assignment free!


BBC World News

  • Deadly violence in Gaza and Israel
  • Gaza and southern Israel see an upsurge in violence despite a plea by the UN secretary general for a cessation of hostilities.
  • Ferry students 'floated from cabins'
  • Students who survived South Korea's ferry disaster describe how they floated out of flooded cabins, as the trial of the crew continues.
  • MH17 jet 'downed by shrapnel'
  • Security officials in Ukraine say the Malaysia Airlines jet downed in eastern Ukraine suffered an explosive loss of pressure caused by missile shrapnel.
  • Russia to appeal $50bn Yukos payout
  • Russia will appeal a court decision ordering it to pay the biggest compensation package to date, amounting to $50bn (£29.5bn) in damages.
  • Lightning kills man on US beach
  • One man is killed and several people are hurt following lightning strikes on crowded Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.
  • Tripoli fuel fire 'out of control'
  • A second fuel tank at Libya's biggest fuel storage facility is in flames as the government requests international assistance to contain the huge blaze.