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  • Kenya bus gunmen 'want religious war'
  • The slaughter of 28 people on a bus in Kenya is an attempt to start a religious war, an adviser to President Uhuru Kenyatta tells the BBC.
  • 'Big gaps' hamper Iran nuclear talks
  • Important sticking points remain in talks with Iran, Western powers warn, as negotiations on Tehran's nuclear programme enter their final stages.
  • Tunisia in landmark presidency poll
  • Tunisia is set to hold its first presidential election since the 2011 "Arab Spring" revolution that triggered uprisings across the region.
  • Flood warnings for US snowmelt
  • Snowfall in the north-eastern US subsides, but there are now warnings of serious flooding from melting snow as temperatures rise.
  • West 'seeks Russia regime change'
  • Western sanctions against Russia over its role in Ukraine are aimed at forcing regime change in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.
  • Ebola 'stable' in Guinea - WHO
  • The deadly Ebola outbreak is now "stable" in Guinea, the country where the latest crisis began, the World Health Organization says.