Tuesday, May 24, 2011

McMurray Mountain Biking





Get a bicycle. 
You will not regret it 
if you live.
~Mark Twain

















Friday, September 11, 2009






One kind of riding that really pushes the envelope of what can be done with a bike and, I think, exemplifies the human/bike connection, is trials riding. Balance is what trials riding is all about. The skills used by these athletes are the same (though worlds beyond what we will use) as the ones that we will need in riding trails. An amazing example of trials riding is this short feature of Scottish trials phenom, Danny MacAskill. His latest video is here. All I have to say is, "Wow."

Friday, September 04, 2009



BBC World News

  • Ukraine rebels deny having missile
  • A pro-Russian rebel leader tells the BBC his forces do not possess the Buk missile thought to have brought down flight MH17 in Ukraine.
  • Hamas ties ceasefire to blockade
  • Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal says there can be no ceasefire in Gaza without an end to Israel's economic blockade, as fighting continues.
  • Arizona execution takes two hours
  • US death row inmate Joseph Wood takes almost two hours to die in Arizona's death chamber, and the state governor orders an inquiry.
  • Taiwan plane crash toll reaches 48
  • Forty-eight people are now known to have died after a passenger plane crashed in Taiwan's Penghu island, as a storm passed over the area.
  • CAR factions announce ceasefire
  • Rival armed groups in the Central African Republic sign a ceasefire agreement aimed at ending over a year of religious conflict.
  • Venezuela opposition leader on trial
  • The trial begins of one of Venezuela's main opposition leaders, Leopoldo Lopez, accused of inciting violence during anti-government protests.