BBC World News

  • Merkel in Ukraine as crisis mounts
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to arrive in Ukraine, after calling Russia's decision to send an unauthorised aid convoy an "escalation".
  • US anger at China 'air interception'
  • A Chinese fighter came perilously close to a US military patrol plane over international waters east of China's Hainan Island, the Pentagon says.
  • Galileo satellites on wrong orbit
  • The European Space Agency says the latest two satellites for Europe's version of the US GPS sat-nav system have not gone into the correct orbit.
  • MH370 search faces tough next phase
  • The next part of the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 will be very challenging in places, sea-floor mapping data suggests.
  • Ebola outbreak speed 'unprecedented'
  • The World Health Organization says the speed and extent of the Ebola outbreak is "unprecedented", as it confirms more deaths from the disease.
  • Israel vows response to boy's death
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says army and intelligence operations will "intensify" after a four-year-old boy is killed by fire from Gaza.