Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ancient China

"Patience, Grasshopper..."


BBC World News

  • Rivals set out case in Fifa vote
  • The rivals for the Fifa leadership, Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali, deliver final appeals to electors in a vote overshadowed by corruption allegations.
  • Merkel: I'll work with UK on EU change
  • Angela Merkel says she does not rule out future treaty changes as she promises to work "constructively" with the UK on EU reform.
  • Transplant man meets donor's sister
  • A woman, whose brother was killed in a car accident, has met the man who was given his face in a pioneering transplant operation.
  • US removes Cuba from terror list
  • The United States has removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terror, allowing the country to conduct banking in the United States, among other activities.
  • Turkish paper probed on arms claims
  • Turkish prosecutors launch an investigation after a newspaper releases footage it says proves the security services sent arms to Syrian rebels.
  • More migrants rescued as Asean meets
  • Myanmar intercepts a boat of 700 migrants off its southern coast, as countries agree to try to tackle the crisis at a regional meeting in Bangkok.