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Vashon Island High School Construction Aerial Photos

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Vashon Island High School Monthly Construction Documentation Photos

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Small Projects

In addition to the major modernization to the existing high school facility, the 2011 Bond included various upgrades and renovations to facilities throughout the district. This Small Projects Scope Confirmation package provides work descriptions for these projects around the District. Hard copies are available at the Vashon King County Library branch and the District Office. Comments can be posted in the Comments section of the website. Small Projects Scope Confirmation Package

Design Development Summary and Total Cost of Ownership Report

On December 15th, the school board received a summary of the design development documents for the new high school. Design development is a transitional phase in which the design moves from the schematic phase to the contract document phase. In this phase, the architect prepares drawings and specifications to crystallize the design concept and describe it in terms of architectural, electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural systems.
The design and preliminary cost estimates of the project were reviewed at the January 26th and February 2nd school board meetings, and voted on at the February 9th school board meeting. In addition to the design development documents, the school board also received a report on total cost of ownership. This report details how design decisions made now will impact future maintenance and energy costs.
The summary documents are available online or at the Vashon King County Library branch.

Design Development Summary (5MB) Total Cost of Ownership Report (17MB)